Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mom has lost her mind!!!

Today was a very hot, sticky and humid day here in the Twin Cities. The weather mixed with a long week at work made for a tired mama. Angel had a baseball game tonight and since it didn't start until 8pm we decided it would be best for Rowen and I to stay home.

So after Angel left for his game Rowen and I made dinner and while dinner was cooking did some dishes together. After we ate and finished up the dishes he wanted to watch a movie in his room so we went up there, watched the movie and then layed in his bed, as we do every night, and talked about our day.

When we were finished with our evening routine I came down to the living room and settled in to watch a movie. About 10 min into my movie I heard booms coming from the distance and remembered that the Ramsey county fair was having their annual fireworks display. I quickly went up to my bedroom to see if I could see them from the window but of course because of the distance and all of the trees in our such luck.

As I was heading back downstairs I decided to go in and check on Rowen. In true Rowen form he was still awake and asking me what I was doing. I told him I had heard something and was just checking it out. He said "yeah that's just the fireworks." I couldn't believe he knew that's what the noises were and since he did I spontaneously asked him if he wanted to drive down the road and see if we could catch the end of them. He quickly said yes but while doing so looked at me like I had two heads. You have to understand I am the one in our house that tends to stick to the rules and Angel is the one that tends to bend them a bit. One of the rules is that bedtime is bedtime, no getting out of bed.

After he agreed we should go I scooped him up from his bed but Rowen was still in shock because, as we were heading down the stairs he said "but I thought it was bedtime and I have to go to sleep." I told him that it was okay and he could go back to bed as soon as we got home, thinking to myself "yeah right he will be wide awake when we get home".

I grabbed my purse and keys, threw my sandals on and we rushed out to the car. As I'm putting Rowen into his car seat he realizes he does not have shoes on. Another thing I would not normally do but there was no time to waste. I assured him it was okay and that we were just going to stay in the car. I probably should have also assured him I was not losing my mind!

We only had to go about a mile up White Bear Avenue before we started seeing the fireworks above the buildings and trees. We got to a point where we could see them clearly without anything blocking our view so I pulled off the street and parked. It was the perfect spot, no one else was there and we could see the show perfectly. I let Rowen come sit up in the front seat to watch them. So there the two of us were in our pajamas, Rowen barefoot, watching fireworks in the DQ parking lot at 10:10 pm.

I ran out of the house so fast I forgot to grab the camera which, as I looked at his little face as he sat there watching the fireworks, I was a little dissapointed about. But the smile on his face was so priceless that I won't need a camera to remember it.

We only got to watch about 10 minutes of the fireworks but all of the events that transpired leading up to and including them will be memories that I have forever. It was fun to be spontaneous and a little crazy! I think I should do it more often!!!

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