Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I don't mean to brag but...

Angel works for a company called Pearson. They are a company that creates educational materials like testing booklets and text books. They also do research studies.

Angel had received an email a couple of weeks ago about a study they were doing with children three and under and they were looking for kids to participate. It was a study on their language skills. We decided it might be kind of cool for Rowen to participate and just find out where he is at right now so we signed him up.

We set up the session for last night. The gentleman that set it up said it would probably take about 30 minutes. So we went and the examiner, Shawnee, explained that she was going to ask Rowen a bunch of questions using a flip book with a bunch of pictures and some other props. She said some would be very easy for him and others would be too difficult.

She began the exam and he was doing pretty well. Then we got to the 30 minute mark, then the 45 min then one hour. Angel and I were kind of looking at each other thinking when is this going to end. At this point Rowen is also losing interest. Then he had to go potty, so Angel took him to the bathroom and I sayed in the room with the examiner. She explained that he was doing very well and that he was going longer than usual because he kept getting the answers right.

I guess they ask the questions and once the child gets so many questions wrong they stop. Well Rowen would get a few wrong and then he would get some more right so she had to keep going. He did so well that she went through the entire study booklet of questions! All one and a half hours worth. Rowen was definately tired of it by the time we were done. He would say "Are we almost done?" or "Can we go home now?" or "Can we please be done now?"

All in all he did very well and Shawnee was very impressed and Angel and I were very proud!

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